Sri Lanka’s T- bill yeilds down: Central Bank

Apr 15, 2015 (LBO) –Sri Lanka’s Treasury yields were down at Wednesday’s (22) auction with the 12-month yield declining 10 basis points to 6.50 per cent, data from the state debt office showed. It was decided to accept 13,735 million rupees from the auction of 12 month yield.

The 6-month yield also declined to 6.35 per cent, down 18 basis points and 10,950 million rupees were accepted.

The debt office said the auction got bids amounting to 91,515 million rupee and it was decided to accept 34,535 million rupees from the auction.

The debt office also offered 3-month short term bills for the auction at 6.19 per cent and 9,850 million rupees were accepted from 20,435 million rupees.