Sri Lanka’s UNP Leader asks for support to build a new political culture


Aug 18, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s United National Front for good governance leader cum United National Party leader Ranil Wickramasinghe asked people’s support to build a new political culture in the island.

Releasing a statement, Wickramasinghe said the majority of the country has given approval for continuation of the good governance revolution made on January 8th at the Presidential election.

“I express my gratitude to all parties and people who worked for a people’s victory,” Wickramasinghe said in his statement.

“We were able to hold a free and fair elections in a peaceful environment this time. It’s our responsibility to secure that environment consistently.”

“It is unnecessary to divide winners and losers. We now have to work as the children of a one mother, in order to create a new political culture in the country.”

According to results released so far, UNP has secured 43 seats while UPFA has secured 45 seats. Analysts say UNP shows positive colors in forming the next government.

“We must make an effort to face the challenges of a new era and hold the greatness of our motherland up,” Wickramasinghe said.

“So I invite you all to join us for the challenging task.”

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7 years ago

Already a new culture is forming & signs are that yhapalanaya is in tact.EC’s/monitors report indicate that the election just ended was one of the most peaceful after a long spell & is the sure proof.What a differace when at least few persons with least thanna(greed)are in places.(irrespective of party politics)
H.E. as the head of government deservs all the creit for safe guarding peoples franchise whilst Mr clean may have to shoulder enourmous responsibility on behalf our country with others.

7 years ago

First thing should be to allow the opposition to function. Don’t force it to a national government.