Dubai-based Emirates Airline has set its sights on the stars — literally — to help it offer new levels of comfort and enjoyment to travellers on ultra-longhaul flights from next month.
In an industry first, an image of the night sky above Dubai, complete with twinkling constellations, will be shown on the ceiling panels above their heads — to help passengers adjust their internal lquote body clock.rn

rnResearch by NASA, Americas National Aeronautics and Space Administration, suggests jet lag depends on the number of time zones crossed, not the length of the flight itself. rn

rnThe unique cabin lighting on the Airbus A340-500, devised jointly by the airline and Airbus, adjusts subtly to the passage of time. It changes almost imperceptibly from brilliant noonday sunshine to the softer light of afternoon and dusk, and on to the velvety darkness of a starry night.rn

rnMaurice Flanagan, Emirates Group President and Vice-Chairman said: ldblquote All through our lives, our bodies are conditio

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