Sri Lanka is in line to receive up to US$ 500 mn under the IMF
quote s concessionary lending window endash the poverty reduction and growth strategy.rn

rnThe team led by Jehangir Aziz also includes the upcoming Sri Lanka
quote s resident representative Jeremy Carter.rn

rnThe World Bank and IMF will meet in mid-October to evaluate Sri Lanka
quote s track record before announcing the quantum of funds to be released later this year.rn

rnSri Lanka
quote s second quarter GDP numbers will be out on September 30. The IMF forecasts the economy would expand by a modest 3.75-4.00 percent in 2002 after posting its first contraction since 1948 last year. rn

rnBut private sector economists predict a slower than expected global economic recovery will drag overall growth figures down to just above 3.00 percent this year.rn

rnProvisional first quarter numbers released by the Central Bank earlier this year, shows the economy had grown by 0.1 percent, compared with a 1.9 percent expansion in 2001.rn

rnThe lender e