Street Hawkers

Sri Lankas corporates are jostling each other to come out into the sunshine thanks to the digital revolution jumping the local advertising industry.
Its not a small budget, small business thing anymore; outdoor advertising is climbing the social ladder in Sri Lanka.
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rnWhether its the corporate blue bloods or the village petti kade (box shop), all business enterprises are dabbling in methods of grabbing the attention of people on the road.rn

rnHoarding, gantries, shop frontages, banners and road pennants, reminding people why-they-should-do-what, and what-they-should-invest-in, are popping up along roadways, railways, recreational parks and public buildings.rn

rnldblquote If you have hoarding space in your premises or just opened up a shop there are people coming up to you for the ad space,
dblquote says President of the Outdoor Advertising Association Lanka, Nelu Fernando.rn

rnThe local outdoor advertising fraternity formed itself into an association recently, to safeguard registered member

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