Sugar Coated Budget

Analysts say the UNF government offered sweeteners to state employees and pensioners while also announcing a string of taxes most of which will be paid by the corporate sector to gain room to maneuver as a string of provincial councils come up for election next year.
The governments New Year resolution could be to win all seven provincial councils that will go to the polls next year. The sweeteners to wage earners would help this cause.rn

rnThe Finance Minister says benefits during the last year two years went to the private sector and this year it was the turn of the masses. rn

rnldblquote In the first two years we had to rebuild the economy. And we made it clear to the private sector that we are entrusting the rebuilding to the private sector but the government will facilitate it. The private sector has been granted a large number of benefits to do so,
dblquote explains K.N. Choksy, Minister of Finance.rn

rnldblquote Now from next years budget we had to give certain benefits to the less privil