Super Profits

Officials from the CA Sri Lanka overseas chapters

Super markets are a big hit in Colombo. Most of them now try to entice the middle-income earners to the concept of everything under one roof from the mom-and-pop corner shops that have been around for decades.rn
The new Elephant House Super Pola is using the concept to grab the average corner store customer.rn

rnIt attempts to create the same corner store atmosphere in a modern super market. Its an all out assault with signboards in Sinhala and products displayed in typical grocery-store style. rn

rnThe middle-income group is the target.rn

rnldblquote The middle market segment is fairly large chunk of supermarket industry. Super Pola is our chosen vehicle to take it forward,” Rajiv Dharmendra, Director JayKay Marketing said.rn

rnAdding modern conveniences to a familiar product is their unique selling point.rn

rnCargills Food City, one of the oldest supermarket chains in the country, has used this strategy with great success. rn

rnOnce an exclusive department store, Cargills decided t

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