Super Road

Oct 06, 2007 (LBO) – Sri Lanka has asked a Malaysian firm to study the prospects for a highway from the Galle Face area of Colombo to the fast growing suburb of Malabe, PJI Holdings a Kuala Lampur listed firm, has said. This year the government is expected to spend around 170 million dollars on a fertilizer subsidy for rice farmers and in the first five months of the year 57 cents out of every tax rupee collected was used to pay the salaries of state workers.

PJI Holdings said it had formed a joint venture with Sithru (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd, to carryout a technical and financial feasibility to build a new 4-lane highway in the Sri Lankan capital to run “underground or overhead”.

“The Government of Sri Lanka through the Ministry of Highways, Sri Lanka has officially requested Sithru to carry out a comprehensive technical and financial feasibility study for the construction of an alternative 4 lane highway facility underground or overhead between Galle Face and Malabe,” PJI holdings said.

If the feasibility study is accepted and the government proceeds with the project, the joint venture would get first right of refusal to submit detailed designs for the road and financing plan for consideration by the govern

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