Sweet Dreams

Fulfilling the dreams and aspirations you have for your child becomes a reality with Arshirvada Child Life Plan launched recently by Life Insurance Corporation (Lanka) Ltd.
Arshirvada provides financial security for your childrens education and marriage with yearly bonuses and gains to secure their future.rn

rnR Gopinath, CEO of LIC Lanka Ltd. says that this policy is specially designed to offer full potential benefits to children and reduce the financial burden that parents may encounter as their child grows up.

It also takes care of the future uncertainties because the full sum would be paid on the specified date (maturity).

He added that any parent between the ages of 18 and 60 years could take a policy for a child with a minimum sum assured of Rs 200,000 to crown their little ones future.rn

rnGopinath further states that to give strength for their childs education, to protect their health as well as financial security is the responsibility of every duty bound parent.rn

rnEvery parent

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