Tamil Tiger air raid kills 2 injures 50

February 20, 2009 (AFP) – Tamil Tigers carried out a kamikaze-style attack in Sri Lanka’s capital on Friday night, smashing a light aircraft into the main tax building, killing two people and wounding 50, officials said.

Sri Lanka’s air force said anti aircraft guns shot down one of the light aircraft that had flown over the tightly-guarded capital while the remains of the second was found inside the Inland Revenue building, which caught fire.

Witnesses said the wreckage was on the 13th floor suggesting that the bomb-laden light aircraft had crashed into the tax office in a kamikaze-style attack.

“We have found a blown off arm of the pilot on an upper floor,” an air force officer told reporters at the scene. He said a few pieces of the wreckage were found and they believed the aircraft had been carrying at least two bombs.

The Tigers were believed to operate five Czech-built Zlin-143 aircraft smuggled into the island in pieces and re-assembled.

The country’s only international airport was shut down briefly and flights diverted to neighbouring India as rebel planes violated the country’s airspace, officials said.

Air force spokesman Janaka Nanayakkara said gunners had brought down one of the