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Parties to the conflict in the northeast are trying to set up an interim administration that conforms to the Constitution while allowing significant devolution of power. An important area would be funding the administration.
Constitutional experts say any attempt at redrawing the Constitution when a final settlement is made would be even more challenging.rn

rnColombo still remains the administrative and financial hub of the country -the place from where provinces are regulated and funds allocated. rn

rnBut things are about to change. With the progress in the peace process for a permanent solution to the northeast conflict observers say, the center focused administrative structure is about to face a tough test.rn

rnWell-demarcated and broader powers are going to be offered to provinces unlike in the previous attempt at devolution through the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.rn

rnAlthough very little is known of the contents everyone agrees that it needs to follow a permanent solu

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