Tech Uplift

March 21 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s education ministry has tied up with tech giant Intel to give local schools computers and teacher training to boost technology levels and skills.

Intel on Tuesday launched its one billion dollar, five-year ˜World Ahead’ program in Sri Lanka and is already in operation in 60 countries around the world.

The firm hopes to provide schools with affordable personal computers, access to wireless broadband Internet access and training programs.

œWhile affordability of PCs is crucial, the world ahead programme goes beyond simple cost to develop the right systems tailored to local needs, R. Sivakumar, Managing Director of Intel (South Asia) said.

The education ministry has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Intel to train teachers and provide facilities to schools for their computer resource labs.

Sivakumar says given Sri Lanka’s smaller size, Intel plans to make it a model ICT country at the end of five years.

The government is hoping that the program will give the current ˜textbook based’ education system, a much needed boost.

œWe are in discussions on the entire spectrum of education, includi

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