Teen stars earn millions: US survey

Dilshan Wirasekara, Chief Executive Officer of First Capital Treasuries PLC

LOS ANGELES, Dec 4, 2007 (AFP) – Teenage actors and singers such as 15-year-old “Hannah Montana” starlet Miley Cyrus are among the most highly paid young stars on the planet with annual income worth millions of dollars, Forbes magazine revealed Tuesday.

Cyrus, daughter of the country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, recently shot to stardom in Disney’s teen pop soap opera “Hannah Montana,” and is one of the youngest rankings of the “20 Top-Earning Young Superstars” list published on Forbes’ website.

Tickets to her concerts fetch thousands of dollars on the black market.

She was out-ranked, however, by Dakota Fanning, aged just 13, the child star of the 2006 movie “Charlotte’s Web.” Fanning earned four million dollars in the year from June 2006.

Largely thanks to their lucrative advertising deals, sportsmen and women occupied the top spots in the upmarket magazine’s latest rich list, which surveyed superstars aged under 25.

Topping it was the Cleveland, Ohio basketball player LeBron James, who will turn 23 this month. He raked in 27 million dollars in a single year.

Other sporting celebrities also approached the quarter-billion mark: New Orleans American foo