Tele Target

Sept 19, 2013 (LBO) – Broadband customers of Sri Lanka Telecom, the islands sole wireline operator, topped 350,000 by June 2013, the firm said amid an expansion of its fibre optic network capacity. Sri Lanka Telecom offers ‘triple play’ with voice, data and television through its PEOTv service. Sri Lanka Telecom has been boosting its fibre-optic network using 57,000 new lines of which 20,000 had already been connected to new customers during the last six months.

Broadband subscribers were up 19.6 percent to 357,000 by June 2013 from 301,032 in a year earlier, an official said.

The company was building its fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) network where fibre optic cables are brought to a distribution point within two kilometres of a home.

The firm has a large copper wire last mile network which can carry high speed data in the interim.

The firm said under its i-Sri Lanka the firm wanted to provide 90 percent of their fixed access customers, speeds of up to 20Megabits per second.

“Such high Broadband performance delivery caters to the growing demand for home and office Wi-Fi, where multiple users can enjoy reliable uninterrupted broadband connectivity at home and office…” the