Term Tests

The first in a line up of state sector accounting reviews kicked off Tuesday, with the National Review Committee studying the Ports Authoritys books.

Accounts for 2002 from 12 more firms have been lined up for review by mid September including the books of state sector financial institutions. rn

rnIn the running for scrutiny is the Mahapola Higher Education Fund, Co-operative Wholesale Establishment, Airport and aviation Services. rn

rnOther financial institutions included are National Savings Bank, State Mortgage and Investment Bank, Sri Lanka Credit Insurance Corporation.rn

rnThe independent reviews are part of ongoing state efforts to re-haul the public sector to be more transparent and accountable for public money spent.rn

rnldblquote The focus of these reviews is to determine the extent to which these enterprises have fulfilled their objectives by way of return on investments and the level to which these enterprises have satisfied the public interest in providing goods and services

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