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May 4 (LBO) – Sri Lanka plans to test the limits of smart digital mesh boxes to connect 30 rural homes onto the World Wide Web, officials said.

Costing just under 30,000 dollars, this pilot project is initiated by the ICTA the government’s key IT agency is due to kick off in July, giving free internet access to children in the village of Mahavilachchiya, 50 kilometeres off Anuradhapura.

ICTA is partnering with Enterprise Technology (Pvt.) Ltd, a local firm, to deploy the project, while non-profit organization Horizon Lanka Institute has chipped in with 30 computers.

Mesh networking consists a series of smart digital devices called routers or ˜Meshboxes’, which use infrared or radio waves, to carry high speed wireless connection over a wide area.

This type of networking is unique, and is currently being used by local financial institutions like banks to transfer data between branches.

Instead of having a central server which decides how data is passed between computers the mesh creates a system which can be shared with every computer connected to the network, allo