The Cabinets Axe

The Cabinet of Ministers rejected a decade old draft Companies Act over its departure from English Law principles.
A Cabinet sub committee that had a look at the draft Act, which is based on the New Zealand Companies Act, says it goes against the English Law practiced in the country.rn

rnThe corporate and legal profession, which has been waiting for the piece of legislation to be enacted for years, is now in quandary as to the future of the piece of legislation.rn

rnHowever, a law advisory commission under the present Companies Law is planning to make a last ditch pitch to the Cabinet sub committee to get the draft legislation approved.rn

rnIf the appeal is rejected, authorities will have to restart the process of drafting a new Companies Act in line with English Law.rn

rnIndustrialists and trade chambers that have been campaigning for the speedy adoption of a new Companies Law expressed dismay over the move by the government to abandon the present draft.rn

rnA trade chamber told LBR that it