Third Umpire

Come Friday over 4,000 monitors and 20 international observers will take up positions all islandwide to take note of another Sri Lanka election at the cost of over Rs. 30 mn.
ldblquote On Election Day, CMEV (Centre for Monitoring Election Violence) will have 4584 Monitors plus 20 International Observers, making a total of 4604 Monitors,
dblquote said a CMEV press release on Thursday.rn

rnThe total cost of the monitoring adds up to Rs. 34,901,887. rn

rnMeanwhile, despite the widespread international attention, the democratic rights of over 200,000 people in the North and the East – some voting for the first time in 15 years – are as uncertain as ever. rn

rnUp North, the TNA backed by the LTTE is smothering alternative choices available to the population.rn

rnldblquote We have received many reports of attacks and intimidation of supporters of Anandasangaree of the TULF and of members of the EPDP and reiterate that in such an environment, conducting a free and fair election in the Jaffna Distric