Too Slow

Nov 02, 2007 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s motor trade is lobbying the government to discourage used car imports and change import duty to make brand new vehicles more affordable. The Ceylon Motor Traders’ Association (CMTA) says the government has still not responded to repeated proposals to restructure vehicle tax regulations and introduce a method of obtaining motor traders’ opinion on taxes.

“We have given budget proposals to the treasury on conditional taxes and curbing reconditioned imports,” Tilak Gunasekera vice chairman CMTA told LBO.

“Unfortunately nothing seems to have been addressed so far.”

The association is still lobbying against importing used vehicles from Japan saying the vehicles are scrapped for a reason and they should not be imported to Sri Lanka.

This is in response to concern that Sri Lanka is becoming a dumping ground for used vehicles which cause pollution and can be unroadworthy.

Gunasekera says the association has proposed to the government to reduce the three and half year manufacture date rule on imports to two years.

This will help Sri Lankans to buy brand new vehicles which in turn will reduce pollution, spare part co

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