Top Brass

The government has appointed top private sector businessmen to drive its economic agenda, the Presidential Secretariat said.
Treasury Secretary Dr. P B Jayasundara, will be the Secretary General of the newly formed National Council for Economic Development or NCED, which will translate the United Peoples Freedom Alliances election manifesto into a six-year economic plan.rn

rnOther top private sector personalities include Prof. W D Lakshman, Sunil Mendis, Mahesh Amalean and Harry Jayawardene.rn

rnKey enterprises such as water, power, railways, ports, state banks will be brought under a single entity, called Strategic Enterprise Management Agency (SEMA).rn

rnPresidents Senior Advisor Mano Tittawella will head SEMA as Chairman and Chief Executive.rn

rnHe will be assisted by senior business leaders which includes B R L Fernando, Nihal Fonseka, J Bandaranayake and Lalith de Mel.rn

rnSEMAs mandate includes turning around key strategic state enterprises into dynamic profitable units. Most of these s

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