Tough Talk

The Sri Lankan government said Monday that it will refrain from a mass hiring of management trainees for positions in 12 key state enterprises.
The government plans to take in around 25,000 unemployed citizens for public sector jobs this year.rn

rnMano Tittawella, an adviser to President Chandrika Kumaratunga, said key institutions such as the Sri Lanka Ports Authority, the Airports and Aviation Authority and the debt-ridden Peoples Bank will be excluded from the recruitment effort.rn

rn”None will be hired into these enterprises,” he told reporters.rn

rnLast month the government received 52,000 applications after calling for applications for management trainee positions.rn

rnInternational aid donors have been concerned that a government plan to meet an election pledge to cut unemployment will hurt key state enterprises that are already weighed down by a large number of workers.rn

rnThe Kumaratunga government is against the privatization of loss-making and badly managed state enterprises.rn

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