Toy Factory

Studies indicate that people around the world are having more sex, but with lower physical output – baby production is on the decline.
Along with many other consequences like a fast ageing population, a number of industries depending on kids, are also set to suffer.rn

rnThe global toy trade is among them. rn

rnIn Sri Lanka, meanwhile, toy manufactures have other issues to confront like finding markets for their products and growing their business. rn

rnIn their efforts to find more lucrative international markets, local toy manufactures are eying the European Unions estimated US$ 20 billion annual market for toys and games.rn

rnAn Export Development Board (EDB) initiative seeks to expose manufactures to the trends, potential and the stiff regulation in the EU toy market.rn

rnConsultants from Netherlands based Fair Trade Assistance, in their short visit to Sri Lanka to help the exporters say, Sri Lankan toy manufactures need to keep up with trend in the EU market to face competition. rn

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