Transparency Online

Once data entry is complete the system will be put on line for anybody to check the status of public sector projects.rn

rnAccess will come through the Internet site

rnThis is part of an initiative of the Policy Development and Implementation Ministry to have a center to oversee all government spending in the country.rn

rnldblquote This is to monitor the projects of the govt on one hand and to monitor the development of the govt policy on the other,
dblquote S. Rahubadda at the Ministry of Policy Development & Implementation says.rn

rnGetting an update from a project now takes weeks because the National Operations room is handled manually. The problem is that by the time the information is in, it is outdated. rn

rnThe ministry hopes this will change with the national operations room being put online.rn

rnProjects can be updated almost immediately.rn

rnOfficials say that transparency and accountability will improve once the website is fully operational.rn

rnldblquote By makin