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The idea of a lquote tea resort is growing within Watawala Plantations, to entice high-spending tourists to have a hands-on experience in tea making.
Upto 15% of unproductive estate land has been earmarked for the tea resort and will sell rooms to an average US$ 200 per-night. rn

rnWatawala Plantations CEO, Vish Govindasami said the firm was in talks with overseas travel agents to gauge the viability of a tea trip for high spending tourist. rn

rnThe project will also develop a series of nature and adventure holidays along side the tea making experience. rn

rnGovindasami says the group hoped to see the project take root before the year-end. rn

rnMeanwhile, Watawala has already began the diversification process, opening up 4 of its estate bungalows to tourism at US$ 70 a night per room.rn

rnChairman, G Sathasivam told shareholders that the tea tourism concept will eventually evolve into a major niche business for the company and the country as a whole. rn

rnSathasivam believes that if the pro

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