Triple Play

March 19 (LBO) – Gloom over the spectacular telecom busts in the last decade has given way to a new round of optimism worldwide and the new mantra for the telecom industry is convergence.

That optimism is driving change in Sri Lanka’s largest fixed line telecom firm, Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT). However a network overhaul and combing business to reduce operations and investment costs hinges on Sri Lanka’s telecom regulator.

Ready or not, telecom companies will soon bombard phone users with convoluted technology like high speed internet on mobile phones and movies on demand through internet connections.

Its déjà vu, for phone users though.

The early nineties over-investment in fiber-optic cables and a decade later the same with 3rd generation mobile licenses, quickly sent many global start-ups into bankruptcy.

CDMA resurgence

Operators’ bullish outlook was killed by users who only wanted a phone to talk to other people. Naturally, telecom analysts are now skeptical about new technology that’s not demand driven.

But Sri Lanka’s incumbent telecom operator SLT is putting its future behind the new ‘convergence mantra’.

While preachi

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