Tamil Tiger guerrillas have begun pouring fighters along a district border in northeastern Sri Lanka, heightening fears of a showdown with renegades, the rival faction said.rn
The main Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has built up its strength to about 400 fighters by deploying an additional 85 cadres since Sunday along the banks of the Verugal river in Trincomalee district, the rivals said.rn

rnThey have begun strengthening on their side of the river along the Trincomalee-Batticaloa district border,” a spokesman for the renegade regional commander Karuna said by telephone.rn

rnThe spokesman, known only as Varadan, said the faction also had information that the northern leadership of the LTTE had sent two key intelligence operatives to the region, some 260 kilometres (160 miles) northeast of Colombo.rn

rnAsked about the renegades own deployment, Varadan said: “We have enough men on the ground to meet any threat.”rn

rnThere was no immediate reaction from the main rebel outfit to the build

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