Troubled Times

As the Marxist JVP and the Sri Lanka Freedom party joined camps today, they unveiled a reform agenda including agriculture and local industry led economic growth, devolution of power to the provinces, and defeating the UNF government.

rnThe Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna and the SLFP, inked an alliance agreement today,with rumours rife of snap polls.rn

rnThe five pronged lquote Pancha Maha Piliveth, maps out an agenda for the economy, the ethnic conflict, strengthening democracy, fostering a national culture and for foreign policy.rn

rnEconomic growth is to be led by local production in agriculture and industry to encourage local farmers and entrepreneurs and local industrialists.rn

rnIt also emphasises improving productivity in public and private sectors as against lquote selling off national assets indiscriminately.rn

rnThe two parties are opposed to ongoing reforms to restructure state banks, liberalise the energy sectors, as well as introducing private sector management into water and transpo