Turbulence Strategy

Dec 17, 2007 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s companies can make money in even the most turbulent times by redefining marketing strategies to get the best results, a senior official of top celco Dialog Telekom’s told a forum of marketers. “Even during a turbulent time, there is an opportunity in brand building,” said Nushad Perera, Dialog Telekom’s chief marketing officer.

He told the LBR-LBO Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) forum how Dialog Telekom emerged as the island’s top cellular operators by going against conventional marketing wisdom and using dynamic, new tactics.

“We launched KIT (a service package) during the most turbulent time when everybody had positioned prepaid in 2000 as a beggars’ choice, three wheel driver’s product – a cheap product,” Perera said.

“We went and said, ‘here is KIT, a smart youth brand’. Today everybody in the industry is youth.”
More advertising should be done during turbulent times, since lesser advertisements on air mean lesser clutter which gives more viewership and higher ratings.

“When you get into real hardcore technology marketing, its turbulence everyday,” Perera told the forum last week.

A lot of companies used the traditional ‘rural, semi urban and urban’ business pyrami