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Top donors like the World Bank and the IMF say Constitutional reforms without a two-third majority in the parliament will not affect their lending program to the country.
However, analysts pointed out that any attempt at tinkering with the Constitution without a two-thirds majority in parliament could lead to political uncertainty, which will directly affect the governments economic program, and make the donors think twice.rn

rnSri Lankas efforts to balance the budget rely heavily on donor funding. Analysts say that goodwill could be tested soon if any political uncertainty leads to a slowdown in economic reforms.rn

rnUPFA, took office on an extra agrarian subsidy, more government jobs and anti privatization platform. But the new government has already strayed off their promises and done policy U-turns in these areas, which have been welcomed by some analysts.rn

rnThey say the government could win the confidence of investors and donors if it continued economic reforms that seek to reduce the rol

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