UN chief rails against suicide attacks in Sri Lanka

UNITED NATIONS, October 7, 2008 (AFP) – UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday condemned the latest suicide attacks in Sri Lanka, including one which killed at least 27 people. The attack in the northern town of Anuradhapura came as the Sri Lankan military appeared on the verge of capturing the rebel Tigers’ key headquarters as part of a major offensive in the drawn-out ethnic conflict.

“The secretary general strongly condemns acts of this kind that have caused death and injury of many civilians throughout Sri Lanka,” said a statement issued by his spokeswoman Michele Montas.

Ban reiterated his consistent position that “no cause or grievance can justify indiscriminate attacks against civilians.”

He specifically deplored Monday’s suicide attack in Anuradhpura, Sri Lanka, “which wounded scores and killed a large number of people, including retired army General Janaka Perera.”

Monday, a Tamil Tiger suicide bomber triggered a blast inside offices of the main opposition party in Sri Lanka on Monday, killing at least 27 people, including Perera who was about to speak at an inauguration ceremony.