US Internet users going mobile: study

(L-R) : Jeevith Senaratne, Director Operations - Star Garment Group; Shanaka Rabel, Group Chief Digital and Transformation Officer - Stretchline Holdings Ltd; Janaka Botejue, Chairman – Bernard Botejue Industries; Sanjeewa Kodikara, Chief Information Officer- Hirdaramani Group

SAN FRANCISCO, March 4, 2008 (AFP) – A comScore study released Tuesday shows US mobile Internet use is rising exponentially as people increasingly opt to be online while on the move. The comScore study indicates more than half the US mobile broadband use is done from work computers and that more than 75 percent of the users claim household incomes of more than 50,000 dollars annually. The number of people using broadband mobile Internet connections jumped to 2.16 million in the final three months of 2007 as compared to 854,000 in the same period a year earlier, according to comScore.

“Though mobile broadband access is currently used by about one percent of the total US Internet population, it is poised for significant growth over the next few years,” said comScore senior vice president Serge Matta.

“As consumers increasingly demand and depend on portable Internet access, the demand for mobile broadband should continue to increase.”

Mobile broadband relies on cellular telephone networks. Users pay subscriptions for access and connections are made wirelessly through “smart phones” or with cards or hardware designed for laptop computers.

The comScore study focused on

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