US renews Sri Lanka travel warning

June 28, 2009 (LBO) – The United States has warned its citizens of continued risks of attacks by armed groups and the possibility of foreign nationals of Sri Lankan origin being detained without their embassy being notified. The State Department warned American citizens of a “potential for continued instability, including possible terrorist attacks,” though there were no attacks since the crushing of Tamil Tigers in May.

“Despite the conclusion of hostilities, remnants of the insurgency group remain,” the State Department said.

“The Government of Sri Lanka’s security posture remains heightened.”

The travel warning said armed paramilitaries were active in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.

“American citizens of Sri Lankan origin may be subject to additional scrutiny upon arrival and while in the country,” the travel warning said.

“In some cases, foreigners of Sri Lankan origin may be detained without their embassy being notified.

“The activities of journalists, researchers, aid workers, and volunteers receive particular attention.”

The statement said the government of Sri Lanka encouraged citizens to report foreigners who are suspected of “activities not consistent with the national int