Usage Gap

Mar 09, 2009 (LBO) – Sri Lankans low income customers of mobile communications, used phones least for business related activities in the region, potentially opening up a new marketing opportunity for celcos, a new study has found. “People who use phones for such activities have a higher income and people who don’t have a lower income,” said De Silva.

“So it’s fairly clear, people who use it seemed to be benefiting and people who don’t seem not to be benefiting. I’m not saying there is a causality. But I’m saying there is a correlation between the two.”

Only 14 percent of the Bangaladeshi BOP households never used used mobile phones for any business related communications.

Most Sri Lankan users also saw the benefit of saving transport costs, but did not perceive benefits for using phones for business.

“This probably presents an opportunity for marketing phones for business uses,” says LirneAsia executive director Rohan Samarajiva.

“In Sri Lanka most advertisements are directed at keeping in touch with people and family members.”

As much as 70 percent of Sri Lanka BOP households surveyed said they never used fixed lines for business purposes.

In mobiles 50 percent of BOP households in Sri L

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