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USD25.6 million contribution from Wathupitiwela EPZ to export earnings

Jul 25, 2018 (LBO) - The BOI’s Wathupitiwela Export Processing Zone (WEPZ) has contributed US 25,599,216.25 dollars (US$ 25.6 Mn) in export revenue as at end of March 2018, a statement said. WEPZ is located in the Gampaha District, about 42 Km away from Colombo.It was established in 1998 on a land area of 123.17 acres of which 66.38 acres are industrial land. There are currently 17 enterprises in commercial operations at the Wathupitiwelazone involved in the manufacture of apparel, knitting, reconditioning, printing, coconut products, wind surfing kites, candles, marine foods, soya foods and electronic and electrical products. The zone’s enterprises have a significant impact on the local economy as they provide employment to 9,689 staff. In addition the zone creates possibly three times that number of indirect employment opportunities. Amsafe Bridport is one of the prestigious enterprises at the Wathupitiwela EPZ who manufacture and design highly engineered textile products for safety and protection.Their portfolio includes air frame restraints and barrier solutions, cargo handling and movement systems and protection for military armed vehicles. Global Sports Lanka Pvt.Ltd.is another pioneering company established in WEPZ in manufacturing kites. They produced kites with the highest quality materials using the latest technology and these products are tested according to the most stringent quality standards. These kites are distributed worldwide under industry leading brand names. The Global Sports Lanka workforce of over 300 employees are employed in producing 20,000 kites annually.  
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