Very Bad

Central Bank on Wednesday issued a fresh warning against unauthorised deposit taking, as the public continued to chase after higher return for their savings.
The top financial sector governing body says some firms are operating regardless of the Banks instructions to stop the illegal practice and continued to offer high interest rates to attract unassuming customers. rn

rnIndustry watchers say most wage earners who are keen to save some of the earning for a rainy day want high interest rates for their deposits, little realising the benefits of a low interest rate regime. rn

rnAll they see is that their savings is earning much les than previously, tempting them to shift their monies to any place offering higher interest rates, the legality of the firm taking low priority. rn

rnMost of these institutions also mislead the public with business names that suggest that they are a bank, a finance or leasing company or co-operative society. rn

rnFollowing a number of complaints, the Central Bank last

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