Watery Depression

May 04, 2007 (LBO) – Heavy rains lashed Sri Lanka’s capital for the second day, putting large areas under water, while the authorities closed part of the main road from Colombo to the south when a section caved in. Weather officials say rain caused by a depression in the Bay of Bengal may continue for another two days at least.

Torrential rains that started two days ago have so far claimed the lives of five people. One person was struck by lightning, another was electrocuted, a third drowned while two children were buried under earth slips.

Sunil Kariyawasam of the Department of Meteorology said the highest rainfall for the past 24 hours had been recorded in Bandaragama (226millimetres) followed by Galle (162.2 millimetres), in the island’s south.

Colombo’s Fort area had received 155 millimetres of rainfall.

Flood waters in some areas receded as rain slackened but bouts of heavy rainfall in other areas made storm water drains overflow causing traffic snarls.

Friday office traffic came to a standstill on by-lanes and major highways with the clogged, badly maintained drains overflowing flood water on to the street

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