Web abuzz with ‘Google Phone’ talk

NEW YORK, Aug 30, 2007 (AFP) – Specialized blogs are abuzz this week with rumors that Internet giant Google will soon launch the “Google Phone” or “GPhone,” a cheap mobile phone equipped with Google’s operating system. Several hackers have recently boasted of having found the way to “unblock” the iPhone and make it work with other telephone operators, and some have promised to put their unblocking software up for sale on the internet soon. High-tech product specialist Engadget said a Google announcement would come next week, adding that a Google operating system would be tailor-made for the new cell phone.

According to another blog, CrunchGear, “Google is currently assessing over twenty (of Taiwan’s) HTC models” and plans to launch its cell phone between January amd March of 2008.

Photographs of Google’s touch-screen handset are already on the Internet, and according to Rizzn.com, it will cost a mere 100 dollars.
CrunchGear said the HTC/Google phone would have Google Talk enabled, allowing users to make free Internet phone calls.

The blog said the Google phone will not only be able to surf the net but also will include “a special version of Google Maps, compatible with built-in GPS, and compatibility with

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