What Next?

With less than three weeks to go to D-day on April 2, the political options of the average Sri Lankan are increasing by the day with more political newbies voicing ever more radical changes to the system.
The Parliamentary general election of 2004 will accommodate 24 recognised political parties and 192 independent groups.rn

rnAll told 3,361 candidates are now working hard at marketing their political beliefs to the 12 million voting population of Sri Lanka. rn

rnThe Colombo District put forward no less than 17 political parties and 11 independent groups but it is Ampara, according to the Department of Elections, that comes out on top with the largest number of political parties and independent groups.rn

rnNow with the clock ticking, the political minnows, which make up a majority of the nominations list, are contesting with the big fish to push their beliefs across to the people. rn

rnOne of the newest in the scene is the Swarajya Party that is advocating a fresh start by replacing the curren

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