Whizzing Through

The UDA has short listed six parties, one of whom will undertake the construction of a mass transit network for Colombo.
The mass transport system will stretch along Galle Road and reach the airport and the outskirts of Colombo city.rn

rnOfficials hope to flag off the project in early 2004, but say will first have to finales the technology to be used. rn

rnOfficials say the most liked option is an elevated or overhead rail system, which is ideal for densely built up areas like Colombo. rn

rnIndustry experts say a elevated transport system could sit on top of existing road and rail infrastructure, causing minimal disruption to Colombos residents. rn

rnIn addition, the cost of land acquisition will be significantly lower if not zero when utilising existing public space. rn

rnHowever, officials say an elevated rail system could be an eyesore in an already messy metropolis and be relatively more expensive to build and maintain against its land loving alternatives.

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