Who Cares?

Private sector doesn’t pay enough attention to their customers according to findings of a study by two local NGO’s. The study says private sector gets customer feedback but is slow to act on it and improve the quality of products and services.
Government organizations were also criticized for paying little attention to quality of service due to lack of leadership.

The cucumber, which grew wild in the sub continent, is today a favorite ingredient in pickle and salads all over the world.

Roman Emperor Tiberius ate cucumbers everyday while Charlemagne grew cucumbers in his gardens’ in 19th century France.

But the cucumber went westward from India way before the conquering roman armies reached mainland Europe.

But now its little cousin the gherkin is making a come back in the sub continent.

HJS Condiments exports 2800 tones of gherkins every year, mainly to Japan.

Their clients are fussy people who expect the highest quality.

All their gherkins end up in burgers served at McDonalds in Japan and Sri Lanka.

The quality control at HJS, a Hayleys subsidiary is rigorous.

Employees loo

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