Whos The Fool?

A new law to label food items gets activated from April 1, giving traders barely a month to redesign their packaging materials.
April is certainly looking to be an eventful month for the local business sector.
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rnOn top of general election mayhem and disruptive New Year work breaks, everyone in the business of putting food on the shelves will have to redo their packaging and maybe even advertising.rn

rnNew regulations on labelling and advertising food, prevents the sale, exposure for sale, transportation or advertising for sale, any food in a package or container unless it is labelled according to the new standards.rn

rnldblquote The new regulations bring in a new dimension to health and safety aspects of food,
dblquote explains Malini Mallawarachchi, Manager Food Products Development Group at the Industrial Technology Institute.rn

rnFor starters the new law outlaws a number of popular health related advertising gimmicks.rn

rnAccordingly, it would be illegal to label or advertise any food

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