Winning Round

Aug 03 (LBO) – Sealed cable television company CBNSat said Thursday that they had won a court order for a two week test transmission and to service its broadcast equipment.

At a court hearing held on August 3, the Chief Justice ordered the relevant authorities to take necessary measures to remove the seals from equipment for maintaining and servicing purposes as well as commencement of test transmission, the company said in a statement.

CBNSat was shut down in June this year and equipment of affiliate company SonicNet Technology sealed by authorities for allegedly operating without the required broadcast licenses.

The company took the case to courts and sought an order to resume operations and maintains that the shut down by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) was unlawful.

CBNSat is to have a meeting with the Telecom Regulatory Commission and the media ministry over issue of any licenses, Dilani Nandasiri, Legal Manager of CBNSat said.

Once an agreement is made within the given two weeks, the Magistrate™s Court and the Supreme Court have to be informed of this, after which transmission to subscribers is expected to commence.â

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