Woof, Woof

Getting its campaign on the road, on Monday the UNF asked Sri Lankas 12 million voters to decide between clarity and chaos at the April polls.
Citing the lack of consensus within the United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) on peace process fundamentals, the UNF called on voters to decide between the stability of clearly mapped out UNF policy and chaos from ad-hoc UPFA decisions.rn

rnThe UPFA that was formed in January, pledges to continue the peace process and ensure ethnic harmony but has so far not said how they intend achieving these objectives.rn

rnUnclear and sometimes diametrically opposite policy statements from the two main UPFA members – the SLFP and the JVP- on the continuation of the peace talks has added to the general pre-election confusion.rn

rnThe differences of policy go back to square one of the peace process starting from the cease-fire agreement between the UNF government and the LTTE.rn

rnThe SLFP has expressed willingness to continue with the current agreement as it is (desp

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