Work Anyone?

May 31, 2006 (LBO) – Sri Lankans make model workers, a local study shows, with most happy in their jobs, with their pay and are content to stay there. Their grouse, if at all, is sick leave.

But though employees were happy with their pay, other benefits did not go down well, sick leave and retirement plans performing the worst.

Overall benefits outside of pay are the lowest performing attribute. For the 300 odd people surveyed, sick leave was the poor performer, followed by medical benefits and retirement plans, Watson said.

The top three reasons employees would actually leave, the survey shows, is inadequate career advancement (71%), lack of job challenge (70%) and poor business performance (67%).

The top reasons they stay is company reputation (78%), career advancement opportunities (77%) and company performance and stability (73%).

Against the region, (Sri Lankan) employees are happy and satisfied and while overall benefits led by sick leave are disappointing, they are not very important. Career advancement is also key to both worker attrition and retention, Watson said.

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