Worker Rule

The newly minted labour compensation formula is likely to be amended, after union agitation to leave it flexible for negotiation.
Under proposed changes, all firms governed by a collective agreement, with a profit in excess of Rs. 100 mn, will not be subject to the 30 month compensation ceiling.rn

rnIt will be left to the Labour Commissioners discretion, with powers to also lower the formula for companies in difficulty, an official close to the discussions said.rn

rnldblquote It follows that if the Labour Commissioner is to be allowed to increase the compensation in certain cases, then he should also be able to lower it in certain instances
dblquote , the official said.rn

rnThe government rubber stamped a compensation formula through a gazette notification in December, to streamline worker lay offs during a restructuring. rn

rnAll private sector workers laid off before retirement were to be compensated for past and future service foregone, capped at a maximum 30 months of salary.rn

rnUnder th

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