Year Book

A report of summary findings of development work by the ADB, World Bank, United Nations Organisations and other NGO
quote s in the Northeast is to reach the government Friday.rn

rnThis will provide an update of what work has already been done to rehabilitate the area with firm pipeline plans of what the Bank is sure to do.rn

rnAn ADB headed North East Community Restoration and Development project is already ongoing in eight districts in the war torn North and East.rn

rnBut ADB sources have begun talking tentatively of a phase three of the project, which could include a technical assistance loan for a complete post-conflict disaster rehabilitation plan.rn

rnldblquote We know the lquote what
quote of what has to be done. What we don
quote t know is the lquote when
quote and the lquote how
quote ,
dblquote sources from the Bank said. rn

rnBut much hinges on the outcome of the peace talks between the Government and the LTTE that is due to begin on Monday in Thailand.rn

rnWhile the agenda for a way