Zimbabwe’s new economic law: buy now or pay double later

HARARE, June 27, 2007 (AFP) – Accountant Shawn Kureva was left cursing his decision to delay buying cement at a Harare hardware store until he had compared prices elsewhere in inflation-ravaged Zimbabwe. “(The) Chronicle can reveal that the British and United States goverments, after failing to incite public revolt against the government of Zimbabwe are now working overtime to destroy the economy, mutilate the Zimbabwe dollar, foment civil unrest and then dangle a three-billion US dollar “rescue package” to win the support of gullible politicians,” the newspaper reported. “The price for a bag of cement was 300,000 dollars and I had enough money for five but thought it was not a bad idea to compare prices,” he said of his shopping trip last Friday.

“When I went around other shops in the neighbourhood, I found cement was out of stock. By the time I went back to the first shop in the afternoon the price had shot up to 850,000 dollars a bag so I bought two instead of five.”

It could have been worse. If he had waited until after the weekend, he would only have had enough for one bag as the price had shot up again to 1.2 million dollars by Monday.
There are thousands of similar stories every day in Zim

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