Zipping Through

June 20, 2006 (LBO) – Sri Lanka Telecom, the island’s biggest fixed line operator, plans to rollout a 200 million rupee project next month to support high end data, voice, video and internet services, officials said Tuesday.

Profits for the quarter were mainly driven by its CDMA (code division multiple access) operations, with SLT expecting to connect 200,000 by end 2006, from the present 125,000 subscribers.

SLT, which controls 85 percent of the island’s fixed line market, is pushing CDMA connections since its cheaper works on wireless system similar to mobile technology than its traditional copper-line network.

Voice telephony currently generates about 85 percent of SLTs revenue, but the telco is revamping its portfolio to offer end-to-end solutions corporate and high spending home users.

œOur product, SLT metro Ethernet, is like an expanded local area network, with single port connectivity for multiple services like voice, high speed, data, internet, video conferencing and network solutions, SLTs Chief Marketing Officer Kapila Chandrasena told journalists.

SLT is linking key commercial building in and around Colombo as well as few luxury condominiums with access rings. The project