Burning Low

June 18, 2006 (LBO) – Sri Lankans have been urged to crawl under the sheets early, turn up the heat on air-conditioners and give up late night football to save energy¦..or not. But despite the best laid plans, “what people really respond to is price”, Siyambalapitiya says, over any real goodwill to dim the lights and turn off the TV. “We are requesting that everyone finish their work and their entertainment – whatever that entertainment may be, before 10.00 pm,” John Seneviratne, Sri Lanka’s Minister of Power and Energy told journalists this week.

Should anyone flout the energy saving campaign, Seneviratne threatens to slap a million rupee charge on television stations after dark, so that they may just shut down on their own.

A huge blow for Sri Lankans, tuning in to watch World Cup football, Desperate Housewives, late night soaps or even political chat shows.

If they must stay awake, locals have been asked to switch on an energy saving bulb and resist the urge to turn down the air conditioner below 26 degrees Celsius.

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