Cancer Aid

May 08 (LBO) – Ceylinco Healthcare Services is to set up Sri Lanka’s first private cancer treatment facility by May next year, to treat even advanced cases of the disease. The facility will support its existing cancer screening unit that offers genetic counselling and also tests for oral, breast, stomach, cervical and other cancers.

The new unit, when it is set up, will also be the only centre equipped with a Linear Accelerator (Linac), which offers the most sophisticated and safe radiotherapy available, the company said Monday.

The use of the Linear Accelerator enables doctors to spare normal tissue, minimising disease complications and improving the quality of life for patients.

The center will also offer radioactive treatment for thyroid cancers.

“Ceylinco Healthcare Services involvement in efforts to promote the prevention of cancer through early detection has shown us that there is a huge lacuna in our country as far as cancer treatment is concerned,” R. Renganathan, Ceylinco Healthcare’s Deputy Chairman said in the statement.

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in Sri Lanka and is the leading killer of women between the ages of 40